Biggie Group launches an offer to streamline multiscreen video media buying

Biggie Group launches an offer to streamline multiscreen video media buying

Entitled "Life is Video", this multi-screen video offering is supported by media agency Repeat and digital expert Gamned! both subsidiaries of the group, and built in partnership with strategic players in data and advertising effectiveness measurement, namely Orange Advertising, Médiamétrie and Realytics.


BiggieGroup, a consulting, transformation and digital activation group for brands, today announced the launch of a new offering designed to streamline multi-screen video buying, across all consumption media (TV, OLV, social networks, etc.) and in both the top and middle of the marketing funnel. Developed thanks to the expertise of Biggie Group subsidiaries Gamned!, an expert in digital media buying, and Repeat, a media consulting agency, this offering - called "Life is video" - is also the outcome of strategic partnerships with key players in data and advertising effectiveness measurement, such as Orange Advertising, Médiamétrie and Realytics, providing it with a solid technological foundation.


A multi-screen video offering serving objectives of awareness and consideration...

 Video is the number one content format consumed today, and is viewed on average 4.5 hours a day by the French[1], across all media. Advertisers therefore need to build their advertising strategy around this multi-screen format, so that their brands can be at the heart of their audiences' lives, and thus influence their behavior.


With this in mind, the Biggie group's two subsidiaries, Gamned! & Repeat, are launching the "Life is video" offer for advertisers. This offer, designed to offer brands a 100% video advertising strategy across all video consumption media (linear TV, catch-up TV, VOD, streaming platforms, editorial websites and social networks), while enabling them to rationalize their media buying, serves both branding and performance (drive-to-web) challenges.


... in partnership with strategic ecosystem players


Biggie Group has teamed up with a number of partners, each with a specific role to play in setting up and/or measuring the effectiveness of the video plan, in order to gain a better understanding of new video consumption behaviors and propose a global approach. The association with Orange Advertising and its 4M opt-in households equipped with a TV decoder enables optimal scripting of TV/OLV plans by injecting TV exposure data into digital (in exclusion or retargeting to serve coverage or performance objectives). Médiamétrie contributes its expertise in measuring (1) the incremental coverage of the OLV vs. TV plan with its XCR measurement tool, and (2) the advertising impact of multiscreen exposure vs. non-exposure on branding indicators (awareness, consideration, preference, etc.) via its online brand effect study. Last but not least, Realytics enables the measurement of website traffic resulting from TV exposure, to assess the overall performance of the video plan in terms of drive-to-web.

 In addition, the Biggie Group is directly involved in streamlining TV and OLV buying, thanks to the joint expertise of Repeat and Gamned! in online and offline media buying, but also in performance measurement to ensure optimum useful pressure per medium to guarantee impact, recall and call-to-action, and in storytelling by adapting the creative component to targets, media and usage, to maximize engagement.

"We are delighted with the development of this 100% video offering. It represents a milestone in the convergence of media around this medium, and is in line with new usage patterns. In 2023, it is no longer a question of opposing television and digital in the management of a media strategy, but of thinking of video consumption as a continuous flow, whatever the viewing medium, to offer 360° solutions to our advertisers, enabling them to speak to their target audiences throughout this flow. In this sense, Biggie Group's teams have surrounded themselves with the best partners in their field of expertise to deliver brands a global promise of multi-screen video performance, in favor of rationalizing their media purchases," comments Anthony Spinasse, co-founder of Biggie Group.

[1] Médiamétrie 2021